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PROTECT – a growing success

PROTECT is the bestselling security fog system and is world market leader in this industry.

We sell our highly innovative products through dedicated distributors and alarm installers in more than 50 countries.

Watch our company video in the Video gallery and learn more about PROTECT.

We make sustainable and fruitful business relations with you

Our business model is the most trustworthy in the security fog industry. Our many long-term relations with installers around the world proofs that our strategy pays off.

We support you in terms of sales & marketing training and support, technical training, e-learning, hot-line by experts and reliable deliveries.

Thousands of end user references

Every day our products protect valuables for thousands of private persons and businesses. Even some of the world’s largest companies.

Watch our cases on this website and see the many references.

Tested by laboratories – and burglars – all over the world

PROTECT Fog Cannon units and PROTECT fog fluid have been tested and approved by independent testing laboratories all over the world. Authorities widely recommend this type of security system.

Approval is also given by businesses and householders worldwide including major alarm installers such as G4S, Stanley Security, Falck, ADT, Chubb, Securitas and Nokas.

We work with the authorities

We also work in close co-operation with police, insurance companies and fire services, and we have comprehensive liability insurance.

Your success is our success

We want our installers to be successful, to ensure this our staff will help with courses, technical support, sales and marketing.

Technical hotline

Our technical hotline is open to PROTECT dealers and installers. We will help with installation, assembly, troubleshooting and other technical challenges.

Sales and marketing support

We will help you with specifications, sales meetings, demonstrations, sales courses, and negotiations with your customers. We will provide promotional materials for your sales campaigns, presentations, trade fairs etc.


We are available when you need us – online and offline. You will meet us at conferences, seminars and other events. You will have the opportunity to see the products, and get tips and tricks from our sales people, engineers and technicians. Don’t hesitate to ask for a special meeting if numbers allow.

Secure your customers – nice and easy

PROTECT has – in collaboration with alarm installers worldwide – developed a wide range of tools and guidelines in order for you to deliver the perfect security fog solution.

Customised solutions

Two rooms are never the same. We offer a wide range of security fog systems customised to your client’s needs. We need to address three important issues when supplying a fog system: What type of unit, how many and where to install them – in order to provide your customer with the best solution and, thus, optimum security.

Hidden or visible

With PROTECT Fog Cannon units you can offer your customers covert fog protection above the ceiling or behind a wall, if the layout is suitable. We have nozzles to fit every need, and an extension accessory for greater flexibility.

Easy installation tools

We provide alarm installers with templates saving you extensive work and reduce the risk of incorrect drilling.
We also provide a hoisting tool that reduces staff time when installing in a ceiling.

Visit our video gallery for a live demonstration.

Quick guide

The PROTECT quick guide will help you get started, when installing and adjusting a fog system. Note: This is not a substitute for the installation manual (delivered with the fog cannons) or the compulsory technical course.

Intelligent tools

We are continually improving our technology to improve our security fog systems, and to enable us to provide you with the best security system in the world. For full information find all our intelligent tools under Products.


PROTECT IntelliSuite is a diagnostic software product, that provides a clear overview of substantial data volume for the connected fog cannon, for example:
• Current status as to the remaining lifetime of the batteries etc.
• Complete report of historical events/data
This will give you a number of advantages such as better installations, easier troubleshooting, accurate documentation, quicker technical hotline, and thus, a far more professional service to your customers.

IntelliBox and IntelliBox IP

With the PROTECT IntelliBox control unit it’s even easier to install, service and operate up to sixteen fog cannon in one single installation. PROTECT IntelliBox has been developed to facilitate monitoring and servicing of the system centrally – linked by cable or wireless.


PROTECT MultiCard is an add-on expansion board for multi-purpose use. It makes it possible to separate the signaling of various fault conditions. This will save both time and money as the control centre can identify the exact error before ordering a service call.
• Simple, easy and reliable robbery or burglary solution.
• Precise definition of various fault conditions and service messages.
PROTECT MultiCard is compatible with all PROTECT Fog Cannon models and can be mounted in only 10 seconds!


Get remote access to the fog cannon via IP. With this expansion board you can connect with a single fog cannon via the Internet – and you can expand the functionalities of a PROTECT Fog Cannon significantly.

The most relilable product on the market – with up to 5 years warranty

PROTECT is a Danish owned company, internationally acknowledged for high standards. Our i-series are CE-labelled quality products that comply with all current worldwide legislation (IEC 62642-8) and it is manufactured with ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Our fog cannon and fluid have been tested and approved by independent testing laboratories all over the world. Authorities widely recommend this type of security system. We also gained the recognised and valued CNPP approval.

IEC 62642-8 (EU norm: EN 50131-8) is an industry standard which primarily addresses the security of alarm installers and users, alarm installer training, product performance and signage for security fog protection.

Police departments and insurance companies consider security fog protection as an aid to their crime fighting efforts. Many insurance companies insist on security fog protection for certain types of businesses, or for  repeated burglaries.


PROTECT A/S offer a 24-month warranty on flaws and deficiencies in our products. The warranty period is calculated from the date the product leaves the factory.

Note: On most of our fog cannon models (excluding Xtratus) you can get three year’s extra warranty by completing the online form.

We offer a 12-month warranty on extra equipment, spare parts and repairs.


The warranty does not cover fluid, batteries, transport costs and regular wear and tear.

complete and submit the warranty form here


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